Sometimes people go visit Italy and we share information and itineraries with them, with places of interest and places to eat.

We figured one good way to access the info while there might be a web site where the info is collected.

SO, this is that website for now.

Here is the main map with the itineraries for Rome, Florence and the Naples areas. Each spot on the map has a little description of the place and why is it of interest.

The map might be chaotic, but that is because Rome has a million places to see and it's hard to make them into an orderly itinerary... The other reason is that I am not able to modify the map without rendering it useless.... So until I figure out a better way to present it, enjoy the chaos.

Click on the little rectangle next to the "Italy Itinerary" title and it will open the page with the description of each place. Click on each place and it takes you there and it opens the individual descriptions.

For more information, click on the items in the menu above.

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