Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Itinerary

To see the descriptions of each place, click on each yellow circle with the number or click on the little rectangle to the left of the Ancient Rome Itinerary title of the map and you will get the list of the places, each one has a description mostly written by me. You will also have the option of mapping an itinerary from where you want to, to there.I cannot make it into an itinerary for some reason, but you can use the map to make your own itinerary and go to the places you want to go to. You will find out that you can reach pretty much all there places on foot, and by the end of the day you will be really really tired but will have had a lot of fun.

This itinerary starts at the Colosseum and takes you to many ancient roman sites. Some have tours and explanations, some are just passing and looking sites.

There are a few places to eat, some places to buy pizza from, and do buy it, you can have it for breakfast the following days!

In these places you will hear echoes of history, catch glimpses of empires and emperors, and of Christians being martyred. And when you step out of history, and back to our time, wonder about Rome and the way it is now and be puzzled at how we became what we are now.